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Class 7 TASC Moon buggies

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Hello Everyone

We have been using the TASC wheel at school to make some moonbuggies.

1st the children GENERATED lots of ideas.

2nd they DECIDED which idea was the best.

3rd They then IMPLEMENTED their design

4th They EVALUATED their work.

5th They COMMUNICATED their learning to you, by putting this on the internet.

Let us know what you think?


TASC Moon Buggies on PhotoPeach

TASC – Germs

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Today we were really lucky to have Caryl Hart come into school to share some fantastic stories with us.

One of the stories was called Wiffy Wilson and we had to design our own germs using the TASC wheel.

What did you like about the TASC and what would you do differently next time?

Mrs H

Class 7 TASC – Making Germs for Wiffy WIlson on PhotoPeach

TASC Olympic Mascot Competition

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A good recycling job Benjamin!

A super job Josh!

Miss Braham we will miss you a lot!

Welldone Tom on your win!

Great Design Dylan

Lovely job Adam!

So resilient Sophie!

A brilliant job Marcus!

A very Wise Choice James!

Fantastic effort William

Super flyer Abby!

On Wednesday we went across to the Junior school to show them all our mascots, they were very impressed and gave us a big clap! Thank you to the Juniors for letting us come over and for Mrs Peersman for also helping to organise this!

On Tuesday we had a fashion show with our mascots which was great fun! Check out the video on purple mash!

Lovely work Maisie.

Tom this is brilliant!

Max you are so green with your mascot!

Well done Lucy – a great Mascot!

Ah Grace this mascot makes me smile!

Go Ben and Adam!

Great design Dylan

So Resilient Sophie!

Wow Maddy this is great!

This is such a happy mascot Ben!

A bouncing good mascot Georgia!

I love this Sam!

Izzy from Y6 did a brilliant mascot

Jacob’s mascot!

Olive Owl from Izzy

Masky from Matthew!

Look at Jemima’s brilliant design!

Look at what Mrs Peersman did with her children. They are so clever!

We are running an Olympic Mascot competition.

The rules of the competition are that the children must use the TASC wheel to help them plan, generate, decide etc.

The mascots also have to fit into a shoe box.

I am looking forward to seeing what you can produce!

Mrs H

Class 7 Puppets

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Can you let us know what you think about our puppets.

We think they are great!!!

Mrs H

TASC – To design a truck to get Gerry the Giraffe to the vets!

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This week we have been designing trucks to help us get poor Gerry the Giraffe to the vets. 

First we looked at the shape of Gerry, next we designed our truck on paper, labelling design features.  Next we went on to 2 simple and designed our nets.

We then spent time and lots of effort making our trucks. They were not easy to make and we had to be very resilient!

I think that they now look fantastic! I am very proud of what you have achieved class 7!

Mrs H


Tasc – Moon buggies

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TASC- Moon buggy on PhotoPeach