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Bug Club – upgrade issues

Hello Owls,

Unfortunately during an upgrade with Bug Club there have been some technical issues and all allocated books have disappeared and I am not able to allocate any books to you at this time!! I am emailing the Bug Club owners to try and sort this out as soon as possible, but it means that Bug Club is not working now and might not work during the Easter holidays!

Also a lot of you have been tested on your 2x table now so keep practising your 5x, 10x and 3x tables ready to be tested when we come back on Monday 13th.

I hope you all have a lovely break with your friends and family, I am going to New York with my sister on Wednesday for a week so I am currently packing and getting very excited!

Miss Hughes.

Bug Club

Hello Owls,

I have updated your Bug Club books to match your colour band, happy reading!


Miss Hughes.

Home learning – PowerPoints

After our lesson on Thursday about creating PowerPoints when we were learning how to change the backgrounds, insert pictures from Google and insert text boxes, Caoimhe and Jasmine have both created their own PowerPoints at home to share with the class!
If any of you want to create your own PowerPoint you can email them to me and I will post them on our blog too.

Miss Hughes.

I am missing all of you Owls!

Hello Owls!

I am missing you all lots, thank you so much for all my wonderful get well soon cards, they really cheered me up :)
Hopefully I will be back in school on Monday (fingers crossed) so I look forward to seeing you and the fantastic learning you have been doing whilst I have been off. I have been hearing from Mrs Peersman, Miss Newton and Mr Wall that you have been really well behaved, trying your best and showing everyone at Dobcroft how resilient you can be with all your different teachers. I am so proud!

Please comment below with the favourite thing you have done or learnt whilst I have been off to keep me updated!

Miss Hughes.

PS – If you would like to try some maths problem solving skills that will really challenge your thinking skills, have a look at this website.

Happy maths!

Y2 Parents’ Maths Workshop

Hello Owl parents!

We hope you enjoyed the Maths workshop and found all the resources, explanations and strategies useful to you in helping your child at home with maths. We really appreciated your attendance and all your feedback.

Mrs Raybould, Mys Greatorex, Miss Hughes and Miss Surtees.

Our class Christmas poem!


Hello Class 7!

We will be performing this poem on Friday 19th December so will be practising a lot at school. The words will be going home as well on Friday as this week’s homework.

Christmas Acrostic Poem

C is for candle giving us light.

H is for holly with red berries bright.

R is for reindeer up and away

I is for icicles on Santa’s big sleigh.

S is for Santa with presents for me.

T is for tree so pretty to see.

M is for Mary the Mother so mild.

A for the angel that sang for the child.

S is for the star that shone so bright.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night!

Make sure I can hear your beautiful voices, parents are welcome to the church so let’s make sure we put on a super performance!

Miss Hughes.

Unusual Reading competition entries!

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Writing in Year 2 – Parent Meeting

Hello Owl parents, and a big thank you to all of you who attended the Writing workshop, we hope you found each section useful and helped you understand how to support your child and all the things they have to think about when writing!

Miss Hughes, Miss Surtees, Mrs Raybould and Mrs Greatorex.

Unusual Reading Competition 2014

owl reading

Hello Owls!

It is time for our annual Unusual Reading Competition!
Your holiday homework is to get a photograph of you reading in the most unusual place you can think of. Please email your photos to my email address so I can post them all on our blog.

Competition Rules:

You should have your photograph in the most unusual, safe place you can think of.
Your face must be covered by the book you are reading.
Your Reading Diary should be in the photograph too.

The competition closes on Wednesday 5th November and the winners will be announced in Year 2 assembly in Wednesday 12th November.

Have fun and good luck! I can’t wait to see all your photos.

Miss Hughes.

Parents’ Reading Workshop

Thank you to all parents who attended the Reading Workshop – we hope it was useful to hear about the bookmarks and the comprehension side of reading in Year 2.

Miss Hughes, Miss Surtees, Mrs Raybould and Mrs Greatorex.