3 Sentence Challenge!

Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012 at 2:04 pm

Dear Class 7

All the year 2 classes are taking part in the 3 sentence challenge. You need to write 3 super sentences (Chelsea) about nocturnal animals.

Here is mine.

The beautiful Barn Owl has amazing feathers because they can fly though the air to chatch their prey silently. The unnfortunate prey do not stand a chance so they often end up in the fluffy white tummy of the Owl. Owl also have another great feature which allows them to look for prey, they can move their brilliant head to look behind them!

Enjoy the challenge Class 7!

Mrs H

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16 Responses to “3 Sentence Challenge!”

  1. Aaminah says:

    Wow those sentances were amazing! We have also been learning about nocturnal animals.

  2. 1M says:

    We are so impressed by the students’ writing about animals. We liked the art in your spiral video. We like your class pet and the owl at the top of your blog.
    Your new cougar friends : )

  3. owls says:

    Wow Phoebe I did not know that!

    Thank you for the facts!

    Mrs H

  4. Phoebe says:

    Owls have hollow bones which makes them very light. Owls can fly quietly because their feathers are very soft. Bats do not fly in the rain because it confuses their senses. That is all, love phoebe.

  5. Maddie says:

    Furry owls have big googely eyes because they need to see in the dark. Bumble bee bats are the tinyist bats on ERTH. Thier wingspan is 15cm long.

  6. Mrs Fisher & 2Palm says:

    What fantastic sentences you have written – we are learning about Nocturnal Animals next week – so I will share this information with my class, 2 Palm, and I will see if they can write 3 Super sentences too! from Mrs Fisher.

  7. maddie says:

    Owls can’t move their gleeming eyes so they have to move their beautiful head. Bumble bee bats are the smallest bats on Earth. Their wings are 15 cm long. Moles are blind so they have to use their sniffy nose to go where they want to.

    Love Maddie.

  8. Sophie Askham says:

    Hi im off with a poorly tummy. Here are my 3 sentses . 1.The magnifsent barn owl sowoops down saylentley for food. 2. The shockingly slye fox hunts it dinner to eat with his greedy famliy. 3. The boutfull heghog curls it prickly body in to a ball to get away from pray. There are my 3 sentses, work hard from sophie. 😉 😉

  9. Benjamin says:

    The cunning fox has a bushy tail almost like a brush. The brave fox can build its burrow everywhere even in gardens like ours. The amazing fox has whiskers to tell how big gaps can be.

  10. owls says:

    Wow Izzy

    That is amazing and I did not know that. Good sentences!

    Mrs H

  11. Juliet Murray says:

    The amazing vampier bat can lap up animals blood for 30 minutes without waking the snoozing animal up.

    Unlike other speisies of bats, vampire bats can walk, run and jump. I think thats pretty amazing just for a little black bat.

    If vampire bats can’t find any delicious red blood for two cold nights they will fall weakly to the hard floor and die.

    by Izzy :)

  12. Marcus says:

    Hedgehogs are small, spiny mammals, which are primarily nocturnal. An average hedgehog has 5000 – 6500 spines, also called quills, on it’s body. There are no hedghogs native to Australia or The Americas.

  13. BEN says:

    Bats are intelegent because they can hear their tiny echo.

    Beautiful Barn owls can’t move their massive
    orange eyes [I can’t beleive that at all].

    When Hedgehogs are newly born they have pink skin, they are smaller than a 2p [WOW REALLY!!!!] and they can’t see at all. :-)

  14. Georgia says:

    The graceful barn owl will swoop down to the ground because it wants to catch its pray.The speedy mouse will be on the dusty ground but when he sees a shadow he will scuttle very fast. Woosh, the buetiful owl has gulped the mouse up so no running away for the mouse any more.From Georgia

  15. aum says:

    The great barn owl has sharp claws because its prey can’t get away.

    Hedgehogs have 6000 prickly spikes because no nocturnal animals can eat them

    Owls have masive ears because they’re blind but the eagle owls have fake ears!

  16. William says:

    The barn owl has to turn its hed to see behind it becose its eyes can not moove in the owls sockets.

    The bigest bats in the world are caled flaying foxs. The smallest bats are called bumble bee bats, thay are the worlds smallest mammal.

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