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Goodbye and good luck!

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Dear Owls,

I can’t believe it is the end of the year already, it has flown by so quickly!

Thank you to each of you and your parents for your generosity and support over the year, I have loved having you all as my first class and wish you all the best of luck for Year 3 – each of you will continue to flourish and shine like the stars you are.

I hope you all have a lovely summer break,

Miss Hughes

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Bug Club

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Hello Class 7!

I have updated your book band colour on Bug Club so please go online and read some of the books in your locker.

Miss Hughes


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More water powerpoints!

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Here is Paddy’s powerpoint all about the Titanic.

We will be looking at everybody’s water projects in class on Friday, we’ve already had some great poster, 3D models and information booklets brought in so I can’t wait to see what else people have created.

Miss Hughes.

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Water projects

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Hello Owls!

I hope you’ve has a good week break from school and have been working hard on your water projects.

I have had the first PowerPoint emailed to me from Anna all about her trip to Dinorwig Power Station (The Electric Mountain) in Wales which you can all look at here:

Well done Anna!

I look forward to seeing you all and your water projects tomorrow,

Miss Hughes.

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Bridlington – We’re going to the seaside!

On Thursday June 12th the whole school will be going to the seaside as part of our ‘Water’ topic.

We’ll be going on the coach (you’ll need to be at school between 8 – 8.15 am, so that the coaches can leave at 8.30am prompt!) and travelling to Bridlington on the East Coast.

Y1’s will be going to the Lifeboat Centre for a tour and video…
Y2’s will be looking at the harbour and the boats
FS2 will be heading straight for the beach!

We will have our picnic and there will be time for paddling and fun on the beach for everyone.
An ice cream treat to end the day and we’ll set off home at 3pm … we’ll text you about our arrival time.

Have you been to the seaside before? Have you ever travelled on a big coach with your friends?

You will need to bring your own packed lunch and drinks for the day and watch the weather forecast so you know what to wear – let’s hope it’s sunhats, sunglasses and sun-cream!

Not long to wait!

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Our new topic – Water!

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Hi Owls and Owl parents/grandparents/siblings!

I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, stay safe and have fun.

Our new topic after the break will be Water, so we’re asking you what YOU would like to find out about.

Please post a comment with any questions you would like to find out the answer to.

Miss Hughes.

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Finding out about Passover

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We were lucky enough to have Mrs Hughes (David’s mum) come to talk to us about Judaism, the festival of Passover and the special food they eat and what it symbolises.

A big thank you to Mrs Hughes from all the Owls!


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Sport Relief 2014

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Owls, you all looked very fit and energetic in your different sporty clothes, and I was very impressed with how much money we raised for Sport Relief 2014.

We completed our Sponsored Skip (for 5 minutes) and saw how many laps we could do of the new Heart Line in the playground in 5 minutes. I can’t believe how many press-ups some of you can do and how fast you can skip!

Well done, I hope you’re all very proud of yourselves and had a good sleep on Friday night :)

Miss Hughes.

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World Book Day

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We had wonderful costumes for World Book Day, from Miss Honey and The Worst Witch to Harry Potter and Horrid Henry!

Look at this photo of the teachers, can you guess which characters they are?


Miss Hughes.

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Year 2 marking code

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The Year 2 team.

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